School Council

What is a school council?

It is a body of children voted in from each class as a representative of the whole class.

Why do we have a school council?

It is important for the children to be able to have a voice in school and a means of putting forward their ideas and contributions as to how we can improve together. Children often listen more to other children and are more willing to share their ideas with class representatives. The school council presents ideas, thinks of new ideas and may be asked to be involved in other areas of the school such as the FAB team on environmental issues or interviewing new staff members as a part of the process.

When does it meet?

The school council meets once a week during one of the assembly times. Mrs While, a teacher, is a facilitator of the council and acts as a liaison to staff, carrying forward the school council’s ideas. The children run the meetings; have their own chair that sets the agenda, a secretary and a minute taker. Mrs While is there for them to query items with or to ask whether what they are saying is feasible – she does not run the council, the children do those themselves.

What does the council achieve?

The children have led on fundraising initiatives, ideas about improving the curriculum, outdoor play and equipment, revamping the children’s toilets and health promoting activities in school and attempting to improve parent parking by printing children’s thoughts in newsletters.

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