About Us

A Brief History

Barnston Primary School is a community day school for pupils aged 4 to 11. It opened on its present site in January 1967 but the school was established in Barnston village in 1852. In 1873 a school was built in the grounds of the Barnston Parish Church and remained in that building for 77 years. The school moved to temporary accommodation at the Dale Camp in Storeton Lane in 1950 and remained there until the move to Sandham Grove in 1967.

School Characteristics

Barnston Primary is a medium sized primary school with approximately 280 pupils. Except from the Reception Year all classes contain two year groups in relatively equal numbers, to accommodate the uneven in-take on admission to Year 1. Pupils remain for two years with one teacher. At the end of two years the class groups are rearranged as a means of improving pupils’ social development. The school has gained the national Health Promoting School Award and the Sports Activemark.

School Environment

The school enjoys a delightful environment with its own playing fields and pleasant extensive grounds which include play areas with a wide range of play equipment. Environmental awareness has been encouraged with the creation of the Willow Way wildlife area and a wildlife pond. Covered areas have been erected on the east side of the school building to provide shelter from sun and showers. Located within the grounds are a cycle shelter and a covered meeting point/collection area for the parents of Reception Year children.

School Ethos

At Barnston we hope to welcome each child into a caring family atmosphere. Our task is to build from the child’s home background to offer opportunities for the personal development and self-fulfilment of the individual. We aim to create an environment in which each member of the school community is valued and values the contribution of others.

During each child’s time at Barnston we aim to provide a broad and balanced educational programme that provides pupils with opportunities for rewarding experiences in academic and social areas. We aim to build on the strengths of the child, addressing individual needs through development of a positive attitude to learning.

Our teachers are involved in planning and organising programmes of learning which contribute to our aims. These include the areas of communication skills, literacy, ICT, mathematics and numeracy, science, design technology and environmental studies, aesthetics, morals, religion and physical education.

The children are at the heart of all that we do at Barnston and we have high expectations of them. Our aims are best summed up by our mission statement. We aim to achieve Success.


Self-motivated and independent children

Using every opportunity to learn!



Ever respectful,

Sympathetic and


Health Promoting School

Barnston is a Health Promoting School, actively striving to provide a healthy environment for our pupils to thrive in. Initiatives include a Walking Bus to and from school and Meal Deals that offer a choice of healthy options for lunch. During Health Week the Life Caravan discusses a wide range of issues surrounding health, including drug awareness. We encourage sun awareness, particularly during the summer months, all pupils being requested to bring into school sun screens and sunglasses/hats for protection. All pupils have access to water by bringing in their own water bottles which can be refilled at the cold water points in school. Water fountains are also available.

All lower primary children have fruit daily (formerly thanks to our PA but now courtesy of a Government initiative) and all other pupils can purchase fruit daily for a nominal 20p, by arrangement with our PA. Biscuits, sweets and sugary snacks are discouraged as treats. Should parents want to supply birthday/holiday treats we request that these be in the form of stickers or small gifts for the class to share (e.g. a book) as sweets are not part of our Health Promoting Policy.

House System

All children from reception up to year 6 are placed in Houses, siblings in the same house. The Houses are Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Each House has a Captain and a Vice Captain. Year 5 children propose, nominate and second children from year 6 to stand for election. The proposed candidates write a short manifesto, which they deliver to the whole school on three occasions, after which a vote takes place. All children vote by standing for their chosen person. Both Captain and Vice Captain, duly elected are responsible for their Houses and represent them in sporting and school events. Children are awarded House points for a range of positive activities. A cup is awarded to the House with the most points at the end of each term.

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Classroom Layout

The diagram below shows Barnston Primary School’s layout, with classroom locations, Teachers and Teaching Assistants.

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